How To Safely Remove Asbestos?


Before the dangers of asbestos were realised, it was seen as an innovative addition to many building projects. It was used extensively in a range of different applications including cement sheeting, pipes, roofing, and guttering. Some homes may even have insulation which contains asbestos. Asbestos has been banned in Australia since the end of 2003, […]


House Demolition: What You Should Know For A Successful Demolition

Fraser Rd Demo (2)

A house demolition is not always a simple process. Without the right planning and preparation, things might not run as smoothly as you would like. Demolition fails may be funny to laugh at, but they also show the importance of choosing a professional, experienced team that you can trust. The last thing you want is […]


What Factors Contribute to the Cost of a Demolition?

The decision to demolish a structure could be made for a variety of reasons. You may have the perfect block, but not the perfect house. It may even be cheaper to demolish and start over, rather than renovate your existing home to suit the needs of a growing family. Alternatively, you could be obligated to […]


4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Demolition Project

4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Demolition Project The decision to start a demolition project is a big one, especially if you plan to rebuild afterwards. Building a home is stressful (and exciting) enough, but when you add demolition to the process there can be a whole range of other factors to […]


How to Stay Friends with your Neighbours During a Residential Demolition Project

With any type of construction (or deconstruction in this case) there is a direct impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. There’s potential noise, debris, pests and asbestos to consider.  Here are our top tips to keep your neighbours happy and avoid a potential neighbourhood feud: Give Plenty of Notice Chances are if you are demolishing your […]


What Happens to Building Rubble When it’s Not Recycled

Remanufactured Aggregate

Times are changing and people are becoming more aware of the impact our waste is having on the planet. When a structure is demolished the building rubble has to go somewhere, and often this means overloading landfill with products that don’t break down. Worldwide we are extracting over 7 billion tonnes of aggregates from the […]


Dampier Road Welshpool Demolition

We were contracted by Insight Project Management to demolish the old Nu Farm Buildings in Welshpool. There were a large number of sheds on the site. We were able to salvage 3 sheds and 1 canopy. It’s  a good feeling when you can save material from going to landfill. The steel was loaded out and […]


Fairway Tavern Demolition – The end of an iconic meeting place

The demolition of this iconic building had all of the baby boomers regaling stories. We were lucky enough to have the man himself Keith McDonald come up to the site for the first stage of the demolition. He shared a few stories and sang a couple of his trademark tunes. I had hoped to hear […]


Taj on Swan

The demolition of the ‘Taj on Swan’ was a major project with worldwide exposure. The Shire of Peppermint engaged Capital to undertake the demolition of the unfinished building in October 2016. Normally there is a bit of a wait before the demolition licence is issued. The council had been working to remove this structure for […]