Postans (Henderson) Yard

Henderson Yard
Address: 119 McLaughlan Rd, Postans WA 6167.


Phone:  Mario on 0408 946 350

Monday – Thursday
6:30 am – 4:30 pm

6:30am – 4:00pm

CLOSED (opening soon)



Not Accepted

Asbestos, Super 6 and Hardiflex

Also: liquid & chemicals of all types, motor oils, food waste, tyres, car bodies, general office, fibreglass, green waste, lawn, wire fencing, pallets, boxes or any other paper goods, carpet, mixed loads, gyprock, roofing iron, cement bags, brick straps, grass, white goods and clay.

Capital reserve the right to refuse any load they feel may contaminate or interfere with the clean and safe recycling of their products.

Site Safety

All visitors to any Capital operations must adhere to our safety policies and wear the appropriate high visibility clothing/vest and enclosed footwear.

Trucks must use UHF CH-10 in yards. Hand held units are available at weighbridge offices for loan during site visits.