Recycled, Not Wasted: How Capital Recycling Do Demolition Responsibly

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At Capital Recycling, we pride ourselves on our responsible demolition practices. We care about our clients and the communities around them. We take a range of precautions and preventive measures to keep you and your neighbours safe and comfortable, while strictly following Australian demolition and building regulations and using recycled building materials. What does responsible […]


Everything You Need To Know About Our Residential Demolition Services

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There are a number of reasons why you might consider residential demolition: the house set for demolition may be ageing and unsafe, or you could have plans to use the space for something new.  Full residential demolition is the complete removal of a house and other domestic structures such as sheds, swimming pools, and driveways. Whatever your requirements, Capital […]


Why Come to Us for Your Domestic Demolition?

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Are you considering a domestic demolition? If the answer is yes, it will require expertise, labour, tools and machinery, and specific safety precautions. If you are looking for demolition in Perth, Capital Recycling is the team to call.  As a reputable company with more than 20 years of experience, we can offer you professional advice […]


What Is Eco Concrete And Why Should Your Perth Company Use It?

When we demolish a domestic or commercial property there are left over building materials that you might assume end up as waste. Fortunately, at Capital Demolition we are able to recycle and reuse a significant amount of this rubble. This innovative approach is better for the planet, and your budget.  One way we can use old […]


What To Know For Your First House Demolition

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At Capital Demolition, we offer an extensive range of house demolition services in Perth, Western Australia. In addition to full and partial demolitions, site remediation, asbestos removal, and onsite crushing and screening, we are able to provide our customers with recycled building materials. Whether it’s your first demolition, or your tenth, we’ll be able to […]


All You Need To Know Before Starting A Domestic Demolition Project

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If you are starting a domestic demolition project, it is important to be prepared and to know what the process will involve. Careful preparation and planning will ensure the process is carried out safely, and within the Australian regulatory guidelines. Demolition can be an overwhelming process as it requires licensed contractors, expert advice and quality […]


Why Baiting Before Demolition is Essential

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Properties often house rodents, even if you don’t see them they may still be present. Vacant buildings will likely see a higher number of pests, and when you are preparing to demolish it can be a welcome environment for mice, rats, and other creatures. Baiting before demolition is essential. There are a number of reasons why: […]


What Can I Save From Demolition?

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If you are preparing for a residential demolition you may not realise just how many items could potentially be salvaged or recycled. If you have the time before the demolition you can remove a number of building supplies, fittings, and attachments. There is a lot that you can save from demolition and these items could […]


What About Partial Demolition?

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Demolition is usually portrayed as a dynamite blasting, smoke filled, multi-storey collapse, all with TNT by AC/DC blasting in the background. However, not everyone is looking for complete destruction and a brand new build, as an existing property may only need a partial domestic or commercial demolition to make it more functional.  Partial, or selective, […]


Demolition Services: What’s Involved?

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There are different reasons why demolition is necessary: whether it’s a commercial or residential building. Perhaps the building is old and dangerous, there may be a structural fault, it could be unstable, or you may just want to make space for something new. Whatever the reason, the demolition process needs to be managed and well-planned […]