Capital Recycling Demolitions: Dampier Road Welshpool

10-14 Dampier Rd, Welshpool

Capital Recycling was contracted by Insight Project Management to demolish the old Nu Farm Buildings in Welshpool.

At Capital Recycling, we have longstanding experience in recycling and demolition and are passionate about ensuring that building waste gets recycled. We are experienced in both commercial and domestic demolition. We’re not your typical recycling and demolition company – rather, we believe in having the least impact on the environment as possible through ongoing recycling and using recycled building products wherever you can.

The project and how we saved recycled building materials

There were a large number of sheds on the site. We were able to salvage 3 sheds and 1 canopy. It’s  a good feeling when you can save material from going to landfill.

The steel was loaded out and sent to a scrap metal yard for recycling. All of the concrete and bricks were taken to our Welshpool recycling facility in Briggs Street to crushed and returned to a usable product.

The team undertook some specialist precision cutting to enable the building to fall safely. With the help of 2 excavators, we’re sure you agree that the result is quite spectacular.

Before our team of experts strategically cut the support pillars

10-14 Dampier Rd, Welshpool (8)

The process of demolition