What Is Eco Concrete And Why Should Your Perth Company Use It?

When we demolish a domestic or commercial property there are left over building materials that you might assume end up as waste. Fortunately, at Capital Demolition we are able to recycle and reuse a significant amount of this rubble. This innovative approach is better for the planet, and your budget.  One way we can use old slabs, footings and other concrete materials is with the creation of Eco Concrete. Your Perth company can benefit from Eco Concrete, and there are a number of reasons why you should use it:

What is Eco Concrete?

With our crushing, screening, and cleaning service, we can give old materials a new life. If you are building a new business structure after a demolition, we can reuse this recycled material directly onsite. Eco Concrete is one solution made from the concrete, and it is transformed from debris into a unique aggregate. It can be used in a range of applications, and it will be virtually impossible for your customers to tell it has been recycled.

So, what is Eco Concrete? Well it’s a high quality solution that will still have all the advantages of traditional concrete such as durability, versatility, and strength.

The benefits of Eco Concrete

Eco Concrete can be used in footings, kerbing, driveways, and footpaths making it a good choice for any business. You can do your part for the environment by choosing a sustainable material, rather than something new. This is a decision you can feel proud of, without ever having to sacrifice on quality.

When you go with Eco Concrete for your Perth company, another important benefit is the impact on your bottom line. Our product is affordable and will be a less expensive option than virgin concrete. As a material that is durable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and financially viable, it makes sense to use Eco Concrete.

Our recycling tipping stations

At Capital Demolition we have two recycling depots strategically located in Welshpool and Postans in WA. In addition to supplying you with Eco Concrete we accept a limited range of recyclable materials from our customers. Please check our list of unacceptable goods before proceeding.

We can supply your Perth company with remanufactured road base, recycled sand fill, gravel, sand, and other professionally recycled building materials. With a large selection of products, Capital can cater to a range of projects, giving you more options than ever before. We can even deliver straight to your worksite for your convenience.

Think differently about recycling

Eco Concrete, and our other recycled building materials are smart options for your Perth company. Your customers will appreciate a more environmentally friendly approach and you will have the benefit of a lower cost product. 

Despite being inexpensive, recycled building materials from Capital in Bayswater still meet high standards for durability, longevity, and strength. In addition to our recycled products we offer demolition services to our clients in Perth. As a versatile business, we can expertly demolish, crush, screen, clean, and recycle. 

With delivery to your door, we make the process of completing your commercial project an easier one. For more information about what is eco concrete, or to book any of our services. Why not Contact us today for more information and a free quote?