What Factors Contribute To The Cost of A Demolition?

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The decision to demolish a structure could be made for a variety of reasons. You may have the perfect block, but not the perfect house. It may even be cheaper to demolish and start over, rather than renovate your existing home to suit the needs of a growing family.

Sometimes, a commercial building may need to be demolished or partially demolished. In this case, it can be costly, and we can help you reduce your commercial demolition costs.

Alternatively, you could be obligated to demolish a building due to safety concerns, as older structures can become unstable. Whatever the reason, if you are in the position where you are thinking about knocking something down and starting over, you will probably want to consider the cost of a demolition. Different factors can contribute to the final price, and there is a lot to consider.

These are the factors that contribute to the cost of a demolition

The size of the building

The size of the building will play a big part in the cost of your demolition. Be mindful that it may not be just a house that needs to be removed, as other structures may exist on the property. These structures might include a granny flat, pool, carport, fence or shed. Even trees and plants should be considered in the decision making process, as they might need to be removed to allow enough room for your new build. How easily the site can be accessed and whether there are any slopes or uneven surfaces will also impact the cost of demolition. You may have builder’s considerations in relation to the depth you need the ground to be raked.

What can be recycled?

If components of the building can be recycled, the overall cost may be reduced. For example, valuable materials such as timber flooring can be sold and reused. The bricks, tiles, concrete slab and footings will be taken off site  to be crushed and screened and remanufactured into road base and concrete aggregate. Your old building could in fact come back to you in the form of fill or even access tracks or sub base for you driveway.

What is it made from?

What your building is made from will have an impact on the cost of demolition. Lighter materials such as wood and trees are harder to dispose of but can be turned into mulch. Bricks and concrete will be crushed and screened at one of our facilities. Dangerous materials such as asbestos are often found in older homes, and will need to be removed and disposed of correctly in accordance with legislative requirements.

Do you need pest control?

There could be pests and rodents in your building, and before demolishing they will need to be dealt with. This is an additional cost you may not expect, but allowing an army of mice to scatter to your neighbours yards will not only upset them, but is unhygienic. This process will take time, so you need to allow for this in your schedule. We take care of the pest control as part of our demolition contract

How much does it cost to demolish a house?

The answer really depends on the individual project as jobs can vary significantly.

At Capital Recycling, we can assist with demolishing, recycling and asbestos removal. We offer our Perth clients full transparency with a free detailed, no obligation quote. We can help reduce your domestic or commercial demolition costs through an efficient and collaborative approach.

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