Capital Recycling Demolitions: Fairway Tavern Demolition – The end of an iconic meeting place

Capital Recycling supported the demolition of Fairway Tavern, one of Wembley’s iconic buildings.

At Capital Recycling, we have a wealth of experience in commercial recycling and demolition. We’re more than just a demolition company – we use recycled building materials and also recycle most building waste from our projects.

We’ve been around in Perth for over twenty years and are dedicated to consistently improving the way we do demolition. Construction and demolition waste makes up a large portion of landfill space. We want to make sure that our demolition processes have the least impact possible on the environment.

The tavern’s demolition

The demolition of this iconic tavern had all of the baby boomers regaling stories. We were lucky enough to have the man himself Keith McDonald come up to the site for the first stage of the demolition. He shared a few stories and sang a couple of his trademark tunes.

We had hoped to hear the full version of ‘Indiana Jones’ but as you can see from the clip there was a little interruption to KM’s performance. The venue had to remain operating at all times during the demolition and so we worked very closely with Firm to ensure that there was no disruption. Thank you to the Town of Cambridge for putting this together. If you want to hear more about our Fairway Tavern Demolition, get in touch with our team today!

Check out a quick video below on Fairway Tavern’s demolition