What is Involved in Our Crushing and Screening Services

Have you ever wondered what happens to building materials once a domestic or commercial demolition has been completed? When you choose Capital Demolition your waste doesn’t have to end up in landfill. It can be removed and recycled, or crushed, cleaned, and screened for reuse on site.

We have invested in the tools and equipment needed for the job, and this means we can offer mobile crushing and screening services throughout the Perth region. 

All About Our Crushing And Screening Services

The Benefits of Site Remediation

Most people who demolish a building will have future plans for the block. It makes sense to use what is already there before investing in new materials. Depending on the volume, our crushing and screening process can save you money on new materials and transport costs. 

The remanufactured material can be used for a range of purposes including fill, a carpark, or a driveway. As this service can be performed immediately after demolition it can help you avoid long delivery waiting times.

What Can and Can’t be Recycled

While not every building material can be recycled, you may be surprised by the list of items that can be crushed and screened. Sand, footings, limestone, clean rubble, concrete, rocks, and bricks can all be included in this process.

Asbestos and other hazardous materials cannot be included in the crushing and screening work. These will be removed by our experienced team prior to demolition and disposed of safely and appropriately.

More or Less

At Capital Demolition, we have two recycling stations in Perth located in Welshpool and Postans (Henderson). If you need more recycled building materials for your project we can boost your existing supply via one of these depots. We have our own fleet of vehicles to match the size and scale of your development, and offer delivery for your convenience.

For those who have excess building materials they don’t need after demolition, we will remove this for you. It can be transported to a depot before crushing and screening takes place. Following this, we can resell the final product. 

Due to our innovative equipment and over 20 years of industry experience, we have significantly reduced the impact we have on the environment. Materials that would normally be discarded can be repurposed without sacrificing quality, strength, and durability.

Maintaining High Standards

As a reputable, local Perth business, we have a high standard for all of our work and materials. Crushing and screening is a viable option for a range of projects but it needs to be done correctly.

We test all of the materials in our recycling depots to ensure they meet our commitment to excellence. We can supply these materials on any scale, from a small domestic property to a large industrial development. 

At Capital Demolition we offer new customers in Perth a free quote. In addition to our crushing and screening services, we can assist with demolition, civil works, and the sale of recycled building materials. Contact us today to learn more about what we do, and our commitment toward reducing our environmental footprint.