Recycled Building Products

With bulk orders of Roadbase/Sand, we offer discounts that are available by contacting the main office

Capital has extensive experience in the supply of quality recycled building products suitable for civil and construction works in Perth Western Australia.  All Road Pavement Aggregates, Drainage Aggregates and Clean Fill Sand produced by Capital are clean, strictly moisture-controlled, free of hazardous contaminants and have guaranteed load-to-load consistency. Our products come to you in the optimum state for all uses.

In-house and independent NATA accredited laboratory testing of all base products ensure a contaminant free consistent building material is supplied for our Perth clients.

Listed below are the core civil and construction products reclaimed, engineered and stock piled at our Welshpool and Postans (Henderson) Recycling Stations in Perth, Western Australia:

  •  19mm Road Base
  • Re-manufactured Aggregate (Drainage Rock)
  • Fill Sand

A new range of products will also be available soon at our new Postans facility including:

  • Recycled Asphalt (RAP)
  • 20mm Concrete Aggregate
  • 14mm Concrete Aggregate
  • 10mm Concrete Aggregate
  • 5mm Concrete Cracker Dust

View our featured products below:

Fill Sand

Fill Sand

A crushed recycled bedding and fill sand. Suitable for back filling, and under pavers, concrete slabs, and as a pipe bedding sand for back filled trenches.


19mm Road Base

A high grade concrete blend combined with brick, limestone & general clean rubble made to IPWEA/WALGA Specifications.

Remanufactured Aggregate

Remanufactured Aggregate

Crushed concrete, rock, brick and general rubble which is a nominal 20-27mm.