Great Eastern Highway Upgrade


The Great Eastern Highway Upgrade project is the first major project in Western Australia to use recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). RAP was laid in various layers of the full-depth asphalt pavement.

Funded by the State and Federal Governments, this project saw a 4.2 km section of the highway upgraded to six lanes with a central median, on-road cycling facilities and a continuous pedestrian path.

The project was divided into 14 zones. The zones were completed and delivered in stages in order to minimise the amount of time spent in particular areas.

The west and eastbound roadways of the highway are incorporated with an additional 3m-wide paved verge for pedestrians.

Hexagonal precast pavers and stone setts of various sizes and colours were used for the construction of the footpath. Footpaths between the existing footpath and pavers were constructed using in-situ concrete.