Recycled Building Products Turn Waste Into A Resource

Most people think that when a residential property is Perth is demolished, everything is carted away to land fill.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Salvageable tiles, roof timbers, floorboards, windows and doors are often in high demand by renovators so they are recycled.  The bricks and concrete slab are another matter.  Building rubble has traditionally ended up in landfill, our approach is different.  We take it directly to our facilities in Welshpool or Postans (near Kwinana) in Western Australia for reprocessing. We take pride in being more eco-friendly by turning rubbish into recycled building products.

With our innovative crushing, screening, and cleaning service, we can give old materials a new lease of life as re-manufactured road base, recycled sand fill, gravel, sand and unique aggregates.  All of which can be incorporated into a number of environmentally friendly building and landscaping products.  So, if you’re planning to rebuild after demolition, specifying these recycled materials and incorporating them into your new build is a cost effective, sustainable eco-friendly option.   Because our concrete can be recycled we don’t need to charge back for returns, we simply take any excess to our reprocessing plant and turn it into a useful resource. 

So, What Is Eco Concrete? 

In simple terms, it’s a high quality solution that has all the advantages of traditional concrete without the big price tag.  Eco-Concrete is durable, versatile, with the strength you expect from traditional forms of concrete but at an affordable price.  The important point of difference is that it is a resource created out of demolition debris which is good for the environment as it is for your bottom line.

 Once processed, the recycled debris or excess ready mix is transformed into a recycled 10mm, 14mm, and 20mm aggregate product giving our Eco-Concretes a wide range of uses.

Eco Concrete can be used in footings, kerbing, driveways, and footpaths making it an exceptional choice which is good for business and the planet. By choosing a sustainable material over virgin resources, you can establish your green credentials without ever having to sacrifice on quality.  

Time To Reassess Recycling

The community has become more focussed on living sustainably which is why smart Perth companies are embracing Eco Concrete and our other recycled building materials.  Of course prospective clients always have an eye on construction costs which why they appreciate a more environmentally friendly approach which doesn’t compromise on quality and saves them money.  Recycled building materials from Capital Concrete in Bayswater still meet high standards for durability, longevity, and strength. 

You Will Be Astounded By The Savings 

Whether you’re planning or costing a residential or commercial development or a single home, talk to the sales team at Capital Concrete to discover the significant cost savings of using recycled building products in your next project.  We supply Perth companies with remanufactured road base, recycled sand fill, gravel, sand, and other professionally recycled building materials.  For your convenience, we can deliver straight to your worksite.
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