Taj on Swan

The demolition of the ‘Taj on Swan’ was a major project with worldwide exposure. The Shire of Peppermint engaged Capital to undertake the demolition of the unfinished building in October 2016.

Normally there is a bit of a wait before the demolition licence is issued. The council had been working to remove this structure for some time. Soon after the application was processed we were ready to get on with the ‘smash and bash’ of this iconic structure.

There are many stories about the goings on during the building of this massive structure. Stories of sacred offerings of precious stones buried deep in the ground, midnight parties etc. We didn’t come across any of the gems but there was plenty of evidence of midnight parties. Check out the quality of graffiti on the one of the walls.

The building was mostly constructed from concrete and brick with the exception of the window frames.They were beautifully crafted timber frames. We were able to remove some and send them off to an community group that was constructing an ‘eco’ building.

With the exception of the foam used to create the iconic domes and a very small amount of end of life material the entire structure was taken to our recycling facility and turned into road base.

009 IMG_6595 IMG_6594 IMG_6597 Taj on Swan (1)