Your First Demolition

At Capital Recycling we specialise in demolition and offer a range of services for both domestic and commercial property owners in Perth, WA. While demolition is something we do every day, you may be planning your very first project. The process of demolishing a building can be daunting. There are a range of factors that need to be considered, and if this is your first demolition you may be feeling overwhelmed. 

As your local, experienced demolition contractors, we will be there with you every step of the way.

Ready for your first demolition? Paperwork, licenses, and pest removal are just a few of the prerequisites. Capital Recycling takes care of the finer details, so you don’t have to. Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation quote!

What do you need to know before committing to a demolition, and what makes Capital Recycling different? Read on to learn more…

Ongoing Customer Support

Capital Recycling and Demolition have had years of experience demolishing structures of different sizes. From small homes to massive 3 storey mansions and iconic Perth structures, we have done it all.

We have dedicated staff members whose sole job is to help you. We explain the process from start to finish and outline the timeline to ensure you have a clear idea of what comes next. We will give you notice if we need you to provide information, and you will always know exactly what to expect! 

Paperwork and Permission

If this is your first demolition, you may be unaware of rules and legislation that might impact the process. While paperwork may vary depending on your local council area, permission is required before moving forward. 

You will generally need a demolition permit, and the council will expect you to use a licensed contractor. This is a job that can’t be planned the night before, as approval can take up to one month to be granted. If the demolition licence application is not filled in correctly it can cause additional delays. The good news is, this is something we do regularly and we can prepare the paperwork for you. Please note there is usually a fee to submit these forms.

You will need to close any utility accounts before the demolition, and a licensed plumber will need to disconnect your Sewerage system (this is called a cut and seal). Meter abolishment forms need to be submitted, and this is included in our service.

Trees, carports, and sheds may be on your wishlist for removal and can be part of the bigger plan. Just remember, these might also need council approval so it is important to submit all the details together.  For those looking to rebuild after the demolition, it is a good idea to submit any future building plans early to avoid long wait times.

We create a comprehensive safety plan prior to the demolition and share it with everyone who is involved in the project. This plan includes  details of the demolition scope and installation of temporary fencing.

Asbestos and Chemical Removal

During the demolition preparation stage we will check your property for asbestos and dangerous chemicals. This is a legal requirement and detrimental to the health and safety of those on the worksite. 

We can efficiently remove bonded asbestos, and have a Restricted Asbestos Licence with approval from WorkSafe. Plus, our team has asbestos removal and safe demolition training and tickets. 

Your neighbours should be notified of your intentions for the demolition, and any asbestos removal that may be carried out. We will undertake a letter drop to notify your neighbours when we are planning to demolish your property.

Baiting for Rodents and Pests

Did you know that it is a requirement that you bait rodents and pests prior to demolition? This should occur weeks before the scheduled date, and is a service we can arrange for you and include the cost in our proposal

Even if there is no evidence of pests, they still could be hiding somewhere on your property. Without effective baiting, mice, rats, and other creatures can flee to your neighbour’s homes, which will make you an unpopular resident on your street! 

Council will usually ask for proof of baiting, so it is a step that cannot be skipped. 

Recycling after the Demolition

Up to 90% of brick and tile building materials can be recycled, and at Capital Recycling we pride ourselves on our commitment to reducing landfill. We crush, clean, and screen these materials before reselling them at our Perth depots.

Even trees and vegetation can be recycled, and we send these away to be turned into mulch. 

Are you ready for your first demolition? You can trust Capital Recycling to get the job done right! We support you every step of the way and ensure safety and legal requirements are met. 

When the demolition is complete, we leave the work site tidy and recycle a significant amount of unwanted materials! 
To get started, contact us today!