What Can I Save From Demolition?

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If you are preparing for a residential demolition you may not realise just how many items could potentially be salvaged or recycled. If you have the time before the demolition you can remove a number of building supplies, fittings, and attachments. There is a lot that you can save from demolition and these items could be used in your new build or sold for extra cash.

At Capital Demolition we try to reduce the amount of waste which ends up in landfill. We do this by recycling a range of building materials which can be reused for other purposes.

So, What Exactly Can You Save From Demolition?

Before You Start

If you currently live in your home, the preparation for demolition may be overwhelming. You can start by downsizing your furniture and packing boxes and either put them in storage, list them for sale, or donate to charity.

Once you have cleared the space you will have a better idea of what is remaining. Anything easily removable which you don’t want to keep should be next on the list. For example, the dishwasher, clothesline, kids cubby house, washing machine, and fridge. Give yourself time prior to the big day, because finding a buyer might take some time. Remember the most successful time for selling is usually the weekend.

The Full Set

Your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry can be sold or given away as a full set. Unless you are inclined to do some DIY, we recommend including “buyer to remove and collect” in the ad. This will save you a significant amount of time and it will be a good feeling knowing your unwanted goods will have a second life. Try local Buy Swap Sell communities, Gumtree or even eBay.

While you are there, consider offering any other old cupboards, wardrobes, or vanities for sale. Even your carport or shed could be useful to someone else.

Fittings and Fixtures

Capital aim to recycle old windows, doors, hot water systems, baths, lights, and fans. These items are all examples of little extras in your property which can be reused. We can work with you to determine which items you would like to sell yourself.

  • Items of character may even add a vintage twist to your new home and be a memento from the old structure.
  • Older homes may have items which are hard or expensive to source such as brassware or a crystal chandelier and even carpets.
  • Floorboards are removed and refurbished for use in new builds or extensions.

Recycling Building Materials

At Capital Demolition we recycle a portion of any building materials which are leftover. There are some products which cannot be recycled, and this includes asbestos which needs to be removed and disposed of safely.

At Capital, we aim to recycle older bricks. These are sent to a salvage yard where they are recycled and used for paving or even crushed into a new product. Reclaimed wood that is in good condition can be reinvented as another project, a unique coffee table would be a great example of this. If you have a sentimental attachment to the old structure, care about the environment, or are just looking to save money on your new build, saving items from the tip can be a good idea.

If you would like to learn more about exactly what you can save from demolition or about how we recycle and reuse building materials, please contact us today. At Capital Demolition we service the Perth region.