What To Know For Your First House Demolition

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At Capital Demolition, we offer an extensive range of house demolition services in Perth, Western Australia.

In addition to full and partial demolitions, site remediation, asbestos removal, and onsite crushing and screening, we are able to provide our customers with recycled building materials. Whether it’s your first demolition, or your tenth, we’ll be able to help you with your needs when it comes to your house demolition.

We understand the process of demolishing a home in Perth can be daunting. There are a range of factors that need to be considered if this is your first attempt at the demolition process. Capital Recycling has delivered excellent demolition services to both commercial and domestic clients, so we have the experience. It can be comforting to have someone to help you who has done it plenty of times before, and we will be there every step of the way.

Is it your first house demolition attempt?

Capital Recycling and Demolition in Perth have years of cumulative experience demolishing everything from small house demolition right through to massive 3 storey mansions.  We have even demolished some iconic structures in Perth.

We are up-to-date with current rules and regulations, and can complete any task efficiently and professionally. Our team can expertly demolish structures of all sizes and shapes. Even hard-to-access properties can be accommodated.

If this is your first attempt at demolition, it is best to get advice from a company who are leaders in the industry. At Capital Demolition we offer a free, no obligation quote for new customers. We will assist you with any preparation, and work with your local council to ensure the job runs smoothly.

Making the domestic demolition process easier

At Capital Demolition, we have dedicated staff members in Perth whose sole job is to help you through the demolition process. We explain each step from start to finish, and outline the timeline and any information we may need from you. With open communication, you will always be clear about what you can expect from us.

Domestic demolition isn’t always straightforward as there is preparation that needs to take place first. Any asbestos needs to be removed and disposed of correctly, and this should be done by a trained professional. At Capital Demolition we have the relevant qualifications and experience to safely remove asbestos prior to the demolition.

Paperwork can be confusing and time consuming, but rest assured at Capital we will fill in and send off the meter removal (abolishment) forms for you. All you need to do is arrange to close the accounts and pay the bill. Additionally, we prepare the demolition licence application for you, which could save time during the approval process. Your property will need to baited in the weeks prior to our service, and we will arrange for this to happen (included in the demolition price) the correct based on local council laws.

If you need to remove a parapet wall, we can help you to arrange this. We can even remove your old swimming pool before bringing back sand and filling in the hole for you. If you need a compaction certificate, we can do that for you too.

We pride ourselves on customer service and go above and beyond for our Perth customers to deliver high-quality house demolitions. When there is something you are unsure about, just ask.

Reasons to demolish your property

If you have found the perfect block of land, but not the perfect house, it could potentially be cheaper to demolish and rebuild. You may be surprised by the expense of renovating a dilapidated building, when compared to starting fresh.

Another common reason why people choose to demolish a domestic property in Perth is to make the most of their space. Subdividing land, or turning a single home into multiple ones could see you getting a higher return on your investment. Commercial buildings may be outdated, or unsafe, and a demolition could see the area turned into something modern and new.

Demolition isn’t something which has to be time consuming and difficult, even if it is your first time. At Capital Demolition we make the process simple, and we can take care of all the finer details. We aim to recycle as much building waste as we can, which can be crushed and reused for other purposes.

Get in touch today

Whether it is a domestic or commercial demolition, asbestos removal, recycled road base, aggregate, file sand or building site remediation services you’re looking for, we have a solution for you. Please get in touch with us to discuss your demolition needs in Perth, and our friendly team will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Your first demolition can be successful, with the right company guiding you through the process! This is one job which should be done right the first time, and Capital Recycling will ensure it is done properly.