Why Baiting Before Demolition is Essential

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Properties often house rodents, even if you don’t see them they may still be present. Vacant buildings will likely see a higher number of pests, and when you are preparing to demolish it can be a welcome environment for mice, rats, and other creatures. Baiting before demolition is essential. There are a number of reasons why:

Legal Requirements

Regardless of anything else, most councils will require evidence of baiting prior to approving your demolition. This is usually a minimum of 7 days, but it is important to check your local requirements as it may vary depending on your area. Failing to complete the extermination could lead to a delay in your demo, even if there is no evidence of rodents.

The rules usually state the baits should be placed in strategic places throughout the dwelling and in any outbuildings.

Baiting Before Demolition Protects Your Neighbours

Happy neighbours will make your demolition and rebuilding process a smoother one. If rodents and pests from your property aren’t eradicated prior to demolition, the demolition will see them running. 

These furry animals will search for somewhere safe, quiet, and warm to live and your neighbours will not be pleased if their relocation is on their property. Rats and mice can damage wiring and insulation, chew through furniture, steal food, and are a health hazard. Family pets such as birds will make a tasty meal for a rat, and it is not uncommon for them to eat something as large as a dove.

It isn’t just your neighbours who will be affected, as rats can scatter to local bushland causing significant damage to native species. You may like to warn your neighbours before baiting begins, so they can protect their cats and dogs from eating potentially poisoned rodents.

Baiting Before Demolition Makes it Safer For Those on Site

Rodents breed quickly and they can multiply in the hundreds if left to their own devices. Having rodents on site can be a safety risk for workers, and visitors such as yourself. They will chew through things they shouldn’t, look for food, and they are often dirty which poses as a health risk. 

Mice traps will not be adequate to eliminate all of the pests and rodents, especially in a vacant property, and the right type of bait will be essential to success.

Ask Your Demolition Company for Help

Your demolition company should be able to assist you with baiting, and any other council rules and regulations. When you choose Capital Demolition we take care of the entire process for you in Perth, and baiting is just one step in the demolition preparation.

Remember, even if you don’t think rodents and pests will be a problem, extermination will still be essential to gain council approval. 

Rats, mice, and even feral cats have been known to reside in vacated homes, and depending on where you live, you may find some sinister looking spiders, or even the odd snake! Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our services, and to begin the demolition process.