How to Stay Friends with your Neighbours During a Residential Demolition Project


With any type of construction (or deconstruction in this case) there is a direct impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. There’s potential noise, debris, pests and asbestos to consider. Without careful consideration it may cause conflict to others living around the area. If you want to stay friends with your neighbours during this time, then there is plenty to consider before starting your residential demolition project..

Here Are Our Top Tips To Stay Friends With Your Neighbours Before, During & After A Residential Project;

Give Plenty of Notice

Chances are if you are demolishing your home, you will want to rebuild and keep it as your residence. This means you could be living next door to the same people for years to come. Before any demolition commences we recommend giving anyone living in nearby homes plenty of notice.

Let them know when work is set to start, including any preparation measures such as pest control and asbestos removal. Your neighbours may have pets or small children who are startled by loud noises, and this will give them the option of making other plans if they choose to.

Address Any Concerns

If a neighbour flags an area of concern, don’t brush them off. Take their feedback seriously and if you don’t know the answer, try to find out. Remember you share a fence line, and your structure set for demolition may be close to their home and they have the right to ask questions.

Addressing their concerns from the start could help to avoid arguments later. Always ask for written permission before using their property for any reason. There is a council requirement to obtain permission to access their property. It is usually in the form of a BA 20.  For example, the use of their land could be requested to allow for easier access or if you are removing a parapet wall and the demolition contractor needs access.

Follow the Correct Procedures

This is not the time to cut corners, and an experienced demolition company will ensure all of the correct processes are in place.

Remember, before demolition can begin you may need extra services such as asbestos removal and rodent control. Baiting is usually a council requirement, but is still something you need to prepare your neighbours for.

Ensure that the demolition contractor you select is aware of noise restrictions and adheres to them. Depending on the size of the job you may even need to do an impact assessment prior to the project commencing.

Be Open With Your Communication

Open communication is essential, and when you are considerate you may even find your neighbours become your new friends! Just be prepared, because if there is any accidental damage to their property it will need to be rectified as soon as possible. Sometimes, even with good intentions you may have a neighbour who wants to make life difficult. If this is the case then mediation could be the right choice.

Any type of demolition or construction can affect your neighbours, but conflict can be avoided with good communication and a little understanding. If you really want to stay friends with your neighbours and want your project to run smoothly, our team at Capital Demolition will help. Contact us today to see how we can assist with your domestic demolition.