Everything You Need To Know About Our Residential Demolition Services

residential domestic demolition

There are a number of reasons why you might consider residential demolition: the house set for demolition may be ageing and unsafe, or you could have plans to use the space for something new. 

Full residential demolition is the complete removal of a house and other domestic structures such as sheds, swimming pools, and driveways. Whatever your requirements, Capital Recycling’s Perth residential demolition team can manage the removal, so that you can be ready for a fresh start.

When you choose us, we will ensure your job is done safely and efficiently. We will handle all the requirements for your residential demolition, from start to finish.

Licensed Residential Demolition Contractors

At Capital Recycling, we have a Class 1 and Class 2 demolition license. This is just one of the reasons why you can trust us as your residential demolition contractors. 

Your project will be carefully planned and executed. And, before work commences, our team will provide an outline of how the project will be managed and the process of eliminating any hazards. 

As a reputable company, we are proud of our compliance with safety requirements and our waste clean-up procedures.

Clear Residential Demolition Plans and Processes

We do not have the freedom to knock down buildings without permits from local governing bodies. Penalties can be harsh for those who do not apply for the relevant licences and permits before demolition. 

Depending on your circumstances and the type of demolition project, we can help. Our staff can assist with all the paperwork including council approval forms.

Extensive Site Preparation

Inspecting the property is a crucial part of the preparation. This is the time to determine if there are any hazardous materials such as asbestos which need specialist removal. Neighbours need to be notified, fences erected, and rodent baiting is essential. 

Our residential demolition team will assess the state of the residential site and determine the safety of the structure. We then take the necessary precautions for a safe and efficient demolition.

Another important part of site preparation is the temporary disconnection of utilities such as gas, electricity, and NBN. If you need assistance, we can liaise with utility companies on your behalf. 

Safety as a Priority 

Have you considered the possible risks involved in demolition work? There is a long list of potential dangers, including the unplanned collapsing of structures, live wires, falling trees, heavy equipment, falling from heights or dust exposure.

Our demolition teams always adhere to safe work procedures to ensure the protection of our workers and the public. 

We follow strict safety practices before and during demolition in accordance with Work Health Safety and Environment Protection requirements.  

Additional Risk Control Measures

We have the experience to minimise potential risks by consulting with the principal contractors, structural engineers, and mobile plant operators. It may be necessary to erect hoarding to separate pedestrians from heavy equipment, and in some instances, manual demolition may be preferable to mechanical demolition. 

Before commencing the demolition, we install a fence with warning signs. 

Our residential demolition contractors are equipped with PPE, including hard hats, highly visible vests, and steel-capped boots. 

A Stress Free Demolition

Every project is unique, and depending on your particular requirements different demolition methods may be used. For example, our professional teams can use a combination of handheld tools and heavier machinery.

When undertaking residential demolition, our team may manually dismantle and remove fixtures, fittings, trusses, and roofing. 

We may also use powered mobile equipment such as excavators, EWPs, skid steers, and loaders for efficient removal. At Capital, we always consider the effects of dust and noise on neighbouring homes and attempt to minimise distress and damage.

After demolition, our team has the equipment and skill to prepare the site for further construction if necessary.

Efficient Waste Management

Since the process of waste management is vital to the house demolition process, our company makes it our priority to clear away all of the demolition waste products. Plus, we recycle as much as possible. 

This reduces the amount of waste which ends up overloading our state’s landfill areas and in turn, minimises the use of our natural resources. We are specially equipped to implement a waste management plan for all our demolition projects. 

If you are ready to learn more about the Capital difference and see what our experienced residential demolition team can do for your Perth house demolition, please get in touch.

We service the Perth region and make the entire residential demolition process a breeze. Your block could be ready for a new structure in no time.