Recycled, Not Wasted: How Capital Recycling Do Demolition Responsibly

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At Capital Recycling, we pride ourselves on our responsible demolition practices. We care about our clients and the communities around them.

We take a range of precautions and preventive measures to keep you and your neighbours safe and comfortable, while strictly following Australian demolition and building regulations and using recycled building materials.

What does responsible demolition involve?

For any demolition, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure safety and responsibility. These include pre-demolition planning and inspections, applying for licenses, adherence to workplace safety procedures, professional demolition processes, waste removal and waste disposal. 

Residential and commercial demolition needs to be done carefully, minimising any disturbances to neighbours or the general public. Demolition sites are fenced for safety and our specialist team can deal with asbestos or other toxic materials.

We make safety a priority

Due to the nature of demolition, there will always be potential health and safety risks. Demolition labourers or pedestrians could be hit by falling objects, and structures can collapse without warning. At Capital Recycling, we put safety first. We take preventative steps to protect everyone in the vicinity.

Our experienced and licensed team, in consultation with engineers and contractors, takes responsibility for minimising risks during the pre-demolition stage. We will identify any hazards and apply the relevant control measures. 

Any utilities will need to be disconnected before the demolition, and we can assist you with this process.

Older homes often contain asbestos, and this needs to be removed before machinery can be moved to site. At Capital, we can take care of everything including the safe removal and disposal of asbestos.

We consider your neighbours

Demolition can be disturbing for your neighbours, especially if they are unprepared. Dust, noise, and heavy machinery can bring anxiety and irritability to those living on your street.

With good communication, understanding and consideration, potential conflict can be avoided. The team at Capital Recycling will communicate with your neighbours and other affected local community members

We will assure them of our intentions to keep them and their property safe,  and that all waste will be disposed of correctly. 

Those in close proximity to your home should be notified if asbestos or other hazardous materials need to be removed. They should also be kept in the loop about pest removal, which is a legal requirement of any demolition job.

Capital has a reputation for good neighbourhood communication and professionalism, with testimonials to show that surrounding communities appreciate the efficient and considerate demolition work with minimal dust.

“I wanted to say how professional, efficient and considerate the demolition of the house in Shenton Park has been,” said Rosie, a resident living close to a previous residential demolition site.

“The dust was kept to a minimum. As a neighbour, I have to say I am impressed by the work done by your men employed to do this job.”

We protect the environment

Waste collection and recycling processes are in focus on the global stage. As countries attempt to minimise their carbon footprint and conserve natural resources, we can all play our part.

At Capital Recycling, we take our responsibility to protect the environment seriously. Building waste includes timber, rock, concrete, contaminated soil, plasterboard, bricks, asbestos, and vegetation. Each has its own set of unique requirements for removal and disposal.

For example, asbestos needs to be wrapped and sent to a dedicated disposal facility. This potentially dangerous building material should not be left out in the open. We offer asbestos removal in Perth as part of our larger demolition services.

Whenever possible, we recycle clean building materials such as concrete slabs, bricks, tiles and footings. These recycled building materials can be crushed, screened, and used to make other products. Our crushing and screening services reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Capital Recycling – the responsible choice

Looking for a responsible company for your residential or commercial demolition in Perth? Capital Recycling has been delivering exceptional demolition services across Perth for over 20 years.

We pride ourselves on maintaining high safety standards and work closely with you and your neighbours to ensure a smooth demolition process.

The environment is a top priority, and we remove and dispose of all building materials in the most appropriate way. We even recycle leftover concrete, turning it into something new.

Are you ready to book a safe and efficient demolition? We will keep you updated every step of the way. From following local council regulations to cleaning up the worksite, you will feel supported when you choose the team at Capital Recycling.

Get started by calling us on 9279 4599 for a free quote.