Demolition Services: What’s Involved?

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There are different reasons why demolition is necessary: whether it’s a commercial or residential building. Perhaps the building is old and dangerous, there may be a structural fault, it could be unstable, or you may just want to make space for something new. Whatever the reason, the demolition process needs to be managed and well-planned by a reputable contractor.

Capital provides a wide range of commercial and residential demolition services in Perth. We take care of the entire process from start to finish. This includes a free, no obligation quote, removal and disposal of asbestos if necessary, dealing with paperwork, and the entirety of the demolition.

Capital’s experienced demolition services

Demolition is the safe and efficient dismantling or destruction of an existing structure. The use of different methods and equipment depends on the situation and size of the building. 

Commercial and residential buildings are generally demolished mechanically with hydraulic excavators. In many instances manual labour is used to strip out the interiors of buildings to ensure that the construction and demolition material is less contaminated prior to the mobilisation of the machinery. Our demolition services are undertaken in a controlled manner to ensure safety to all.

Stages of Demolition

Surveying the site

Before beginning the demolition, a thorough inspection of the building and surroundings is carried out. Things to be considered include the construction and safety of the building, and any nearby or underground attachments. 

Checking for any hazardous materials, drainage, underground cables or pipes is crucial. The general environment is gauged to see if the street, other buildings and neighbours will be affected by the demolition. In some instances, a Dilapidation Report is undertaken prior to the start of the demolition.

Hazardous material removal

Any hazardous materials such as asbestos, radioactive products, and flammable goods will be removed by our specialist team before the demolition process begins. Older buildings often contain asbestos, and asbestos removal requires the utmost care. The Capital Recycling team have a wealth of experience in removing hazardous materials, as well as being experts in recyclable waste removal.

Because asbestos isn’t recyclable, it is transported safely to a dedicated asbestos landfill site.

Plan of action

Once the inspection is complete, a detailed plan can be made. This includes the SWMS (Safe Working Method Statement) and any specific demolition procedures, methods, removal of debris, recycling and safety measures.

Safety is a priority

All safety measures and precautions for workers and the general public from start to finish can now be put in place. Gas, sewer, telecommunication lines and electricity need to be removed from the property. Precautions are considered to minimise worker’s exposure to dangerous conditions, dust, chemicals and noise. Common methods of managing dust include using water to minimise dust production.

Removal and recycling of debris

All rubble is removed and 100% of clean rubble from the demolition site can be recycled. This is a more environmentally friendly option than sending the waste to landfill.

100% of bricks and tiles can be recycled, and green waste can be remanufactured for garden mulch. Concrete can be crushed and recycled as aggregate for Eco Concrete or used for road base. Wood can be reused or recycled for mulch, compost or reused.

To find out more about Capital Recycling’s Perth demolition services, contact us today.