What About Partial Demolition?

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Demolition is usually portrayed as a dynamite blasting, smoke filled, multi-storey collapse, all with TNT by AC/DC blasting in the background. However, not everyone is looking for complete destruction and a brand new build, as an existing property may only need a partial domestic or commercial demolition to make it more functional. 

Partial, or selective, demolition occurs when only certain parts of a structure are removed. This is particularly common in older homes where more space is required, and allows you to keep some of the existing character. At Capital Demolition, we have the tools and expertise to remove larger sections of your property, while leaving the rest in tact. 

If you are thinking about partial demolition, here are a few key points to ponder.

When You Might Choose Partial Domestic or Commercial Demolition

Partial demolition is useful if you want to knock down a section of your home to create open plan living. This may be relevant in the case of an old kitchen, living room, and dining room which are boxed in and need to be completely revamped. Other rooms, roofs, and walls can also be removed for extensions, including the addition of a streamlined outdoor and indoor space. Perhaps your structure is connected to your neighbour, and you dream of a detachment with a duplex demolition.

If there are larger damaged sections of the home they may need to be completely demolished, for example there could be old plumbing and wiring which needs to be ripped up and reinstalled. When you demolish part of a building and start from scratch, it gives you the opportunity to replace building materials, doors and windows to change the look of your property. Additionally, there may be external structures which you want to get rid of. For example, an old shed or carport which is an eyesore or doesn’t suit your needs. 

What You Need to Consider

Depending on the damage and work required, it may NOT always be cheaper to renovate than to knock down and rebuild. Older buildings often have unexpected and expensive obstacles which can arise during the renovation process. It is always a good idea to have extra funds set aside just in case.

Extensive planning will be required as you can’t just start swinging a sledgehammer without understanding the risks. It will need to be a careful process to avoid any damage to other components within your structure. 

The safety of the structure is paramount, and there will likely be walls which are supporting the rest of the home. These should not  be removed without consulting with a professional. It is important to enquire about council permits, and how quickly the following rebuilding phase will be. Having half a demolished house which is waiting months to be renovated will be a stressful process.

The other major consideration will be asbestos as it was an extremely popular building material until the 1990s. Before any changes are made it is essential you have this checked. If any asbestos is present it will require expert removal and disposal, as disturbing asbestos could lead to serious health problems. 

At Capital Demolition we can assist with any domestic or commercial demolition projects in the Perth region. We can safely remove and dispose of asbestos and complete any job with efficiency and skill. We recycle as much rubble as possible when doing commercial and domestic demolitions so it can be reused in other innovative ways. Please contact us today for more information on our services.